The New Zealand Preppers Disaster Survival Guide
My family spent several years living in an isolated area in the South Island high country that experienced extremes of weather. In that time we went one night without power due to maintenance and we given notice to prepare. Yet in that time, and since, many of our cities and larger urban ares have been without power for extended periods of time. We have had earthquakes, heavy snow falls, dangerously high winds, and flooding often coupled with king tides. These natural disasters have played havoc in New Zealand and changed many peoples lives forever. You dont need to be an extreme prepper, but every family needs to be prepared for these events. It could be as simple as a few extra cans of food, a few bottles of water, and a tiny cooker.

We could continue to see more and more natural disasters in New Zealand as the climate changes and the planet continues to evolve. In a major disaster you couldn't even drink water from our once pristine rivers without risking major health issues for your family. Most people think they will just head for some rural area where there is food but have you ever tried leaving one of our cities during holiday time. Imagine what it would be like with everyone trying to leave at once. And even if you make it somewhere safe will it have shelter from the elements, what will you eat. Have you ever tried to live off the land. Could you kill an animal and prepare it.
You have probably seen these programs on American TV. Extreme preppers who are preparing for doomsday by stockpiling food, water, weapons and whatever else they think is necessary in the event basic services should falter, and society turns chaotic and possibly violent. Like myself, you may not be interested in preparing for the zombie apocolypse, but ask yourself, how prepared are you and your family to deal with a crisis. We deal with personal disasters every day. What would you do in an earthquake? What would you do if you lost your job? What would you do if your house burned down?"

The idea of prepping can be overwhelming when you think about the vast amount of supplies that you don’t yet have, when you discover your home may not be the best location in which to ride out the storm, or when you realize that you really don’t have that many viable post-apocalyptic skills.
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How will your children cope with a natural disaster. I have found a selection of comics for younger children to teach them about earthquake preparedness. In a child-friendly way, they explains what to do during an earthquake. The comics also include puzzles and games throughout.
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We Need Your Help!
We are trying to build a more complete guide to survival disaster in New Zealand. We realise there is a lot more information we could provide. If you have something to advise on or contribute we would be grateful.

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New Zealand Disaster Survival Guide!
Is your family prepared for survival in a disaster. Having a survival kit containing important documents and supplies could go a long way to helping your family survive a disaster.
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